The Strategic Unit Coating is the specialist in innovative coating solutions. Together, High Tech Coatings (HTC) and Miba Precision Components (China) (MPCC) make up Miba’s coatings competence center. Among other things, we specialize in functional coatings for NVH optimization (noise, vibration, harshness), improving tribological properties and also for friction enhancement of connection elements.

As an active development partner to our customers, we are heavily geared to progress and innovation, and particularly welcome complex challenges. Our customers benefit from our tailored, innovative solutions and extensive range of products in the field of surface coatings.

Products & applications

The Strategic Unit Coating develops customized coating solutions and offers a wide spectrum of state-of-the-art technologies. Our core technologies are polymer and low-friction coatings, electroplated overlays, PVD coatings and atmospheric plasma coatings. Aligned with the needs of our customers, our team of hard-working and highly trained staff tailors each coating to the specific application. We use in-house simulations and testing opportunities to verify the technical feasibility. Building upon an extensive network of internal and external partners, we are continually expanding our expertise and promoting the development of new coatings. Our customers value our short development times for prototypes and products.


For a maximized friction coefficient

The Strategic Unit Coating’s innovative coating processes enhance the friction coefficient – and our customers’ business performance along with it. 

In the past, the static friction coefficient of connection elements was usually increased by adding more components. Using these specially coated metal discs resulted in more weight and additional assembly costs. With GRIPCOAT® Direct, a friction-enhancing coating is applied directly to parts of components for the first time. This eliminates the need for additional components, enhances performance and reduces costs for the customer. The process opens up new avenues for innovative material combinations and lightweight construction while at the same time allowing for the reduction of carbon emissions. 



Contact person: 

Ramazan Arslan


For wear and friction minimization

Functions like temperature and corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low friction and the resulting energy savings increase quality and performance and help to improve reliability and the service life of the component. 

These surface coatings are applied to components in the power train. In the bearing area (axial/radial), the bearings and bushings can be completely replaced. This reduces the number of components, saves design space, lowers the weight and, as a result, reduces the cost. In addition, they simplify assembly and are extremely durable. Depending on the particular demands of the application, different technologies, or a combination of these, are used (polymer, PVD, electroplating). 



Contact person: 

Elisabeth Schneiderbauer


For an optimized gear backlash

Coatings developed specifically for the automotive industry for easy, fast, precise and inexpensive adjustment of the circumferential backlash of gears. The coatings allow backlash adjustments within the narrowest tolerances, significantly improving NVH properties. 

The Strategic Unit Coating offers two options for the application: SPACECOAT® is a temporary coating during assembly. ADAPTOCOAT® conforms to the respective counterface through plastic formation. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the most suitable option is chosen to achieve the desired NVH optimization. 



Contact person: 

Elisabeth Schneiderbauer


With Green Energy Solutions, the Strategic Unit Coating is improving the electrical conductivity of components while also providing corrosion protection. In this way, improvements can be seen in both the service life and efficiency. The surface coatings are currently used primarily for the metallic bipolar plates of fuel cells. 



Contact person: 

Dominik Heitzinger

Data sheets


Noise reduction; Technology: Polymer; Contact: Elisabeth Schneiderbauer



Low friction and bearing function; Technology: Polymer; Contact: Elisabeth Schneiderbauer



Friction increase; Technology: Atmospheric plasma; Contact: Ramazan Arslan



Wear- and corrosion protection; Technology: Electroplating; Contact: Elisabeth Schneiderbauer



Wear- and corrosion protection; Technology: Electroplating; Contact: Elisabeth Schneiderbauer

Research & development

Research & development plays an important role at the Strategic Unit Coating. Whether atmospheric plasma, polymer, electroplating or PVD coating: We have bundled and realigned decades of Miba experience and ongoing technological progress in a constant quest for innovative solutions to coating problems. We are continually enhancing our skills by working as part of a broad network of development partners. By using state-of-the-art equipment and highly automated processes, we guarantee the highest quality and efficiency. We achieve the maximum in terms of service life and the highest functionality of the coated parts while consuming a minimal amount of raw materials and conserving resources.


With Gripcoat®Direct, the Strategic Unit Coating has started to offer a unique, friction-enhancing coating procedure.



Miba TAILORCOAT® coatings 



Regardless of where our customers are located, they can rely on the Strategic Unit Coating’s performance. We accompany our customers as they expand throughout the world, supporting them with our products and services. With a broad production, distribution and development network, we can respond quickly and flexibly to our customers’ needs.

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