As a global powder metal components manufacturer, Miba is developing and producing plasma nitride connecting rods for compressors in the refrigerators, freezers and air conditioning industries for commercial or residential application. 
25 million connecting rods per year are manufactured by Miba.
The rods are designed and developed to eliminate several production processes.
Looking for high performance and cost efficient compressor parts? Miba is the right partner for you.


We fulfill all requirements

Miba powder metal parts are manufactured using netshape technology. Applying this technology to your product, machining processes can be eliminated. 


Our powder metal parts not only meet customer requirements such as leakage above 50 bar and wear resistance, they also improve performance, and lead to a higher cost efficiency. 

Miba has a lot of experience in converting casted and fully machined compressor parts (such as trust bearings, blades and rings) to powder metal technology.

Advantages of powder metal compressor parts

Compared to other manufacturing processes, our net shape fulfills 100 % customer requirements and eliminates unnecessary machining processes.

Cost efficiency

Cost optimized design and production

High performance, high strength and precision

Best quality

Customized products

Complex geometries, functions & features can be included

The power of compressor parts.

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Why Miba is the right partner for your compressor parts

To provide our customers the best solutions, we focus on close partnership, engineering, high development capability and our structured process design. Our deep understanding of the compressor’s function and requirements enable us to design and produce the best solutions, improving the compressor’s performance. 


We have our own tooling centers at each of our manufacturing sites, making it easy for our customers to discuss the tool production and rapid prototyping with our experts on site. Miba has multiple production lines for compressor parts, located in Asia, North and South America. We strive for constant  improvement in terms of design and manufacturing process to make compressor parts more efficient. 

Our Experts

“Miba sinter division does have an unique value proposition for compressors parts. The performance is proven and the most important now adays, the cost has been reduced helping our customers to improve their market share.”
- Jose Correa Neto, Miba Sinter Division – Director Global Industrial Line of Business & Sales, Supply Chain & Engineering -

Miba´s connecting rod technology with plasma nitride has been developed successfully with our Company improving product and process performance as well cost optimization.
It is a technology which enhance our product and process.

- Bosco Jr, Raul – R&D Director of ACC Compressors -

Discover the advantages of compressor parts and why Miba is the leading powder metal components manufacturer.

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