Who we are

EDMS d.o.o. was founded in 2002, together with the Austrian partner EBG G.m.b.H from Austria. In September 2017, the ownership of the company changed, the company is owned by the MIBA corporation and is tied to transactions for the Austrian companies EBG G.m.b.H. and DAU G.m.b.H Austria, all three companies; EDMS, EBG, DAU are part of the PEG Power Electronic Group within the MIBA Group. The company is located in the industrial zone , Sentjernej.


What we do

The company's activity is the production and development of electromechanical parts and assemblies. These technologically demanding components contribute to the safe and efficient conversion and transmission of energy. The products are used in, among other things, high-speed electric trains, electric cars, wind turbine frequency converters, space applications, or HVDC transmission systems. EDMS has many years of experience in the development and production of heat pipes. Production ranges from cylindrical standard heat pipes to demanding cooling assemblies.