Miba POWERcloser®

The Miba POWERcloser® is a fast-closing switch. For example, it is used for e-cars to ensure electrical safety in case of a crash, but it can also be used as a bypass switch for several industrial applications.

Pyro switch provides safety

The areas of application of the Miba POWERcloser® are multifaceted. Anywhere where two contacts have to be connected quickly and permanently, the pyro switch is the right product.

In the area of electromobility, it ensures electrical safety in case of a crash. In industrial applications, the POWERcloser® can quickly create a short circuit to bridge failed power units or simply support the tripping of other safety components.

How the Miba POWERcloser® works

Miba POWERcloser®: What are the advantages of the pyro switch?

The Miba POWERcloser® can short-circuit high currents. For a short time even 10 times the continuous current. Voltages of up to 1000 volts are no problem for the pyro switch. Depending on the design and application, the POWERcloser® can even be used hermetically sealed. Therefore, it is ideally suited for use in fuel cells in the hydrogen-circulated range.


In summary:

- Low resistance after closing

- Short closing time

- High locking capability for safe operation

- Flexibly adaptable to customer needs



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Functionality is essential for a pyroswitch

The Miba POWERcloser® is a universal switch that connects two poles very quickly and safely. It is triggered by a small pulse. A pyro pill is used for this purpose. This principle has already been proven a million times over in airbags. This guarantees a very fast and safe closing of the two poles. It is no longer possible to open them afterward. Safe use is therefore guaranteed.

Why is Miba the right partner for you?

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With our Miba development teams, we can respond flexibly to customer requirements and thus offer customized solutions. Regardless of whether it's a more compact design or specific material requirements.

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Each pyro switch is tested in-house in our own laboratory to meet specific customer requirements and is only shipped to the customer once all tests have been positive.

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Our Miba POWERcloser® is unique on the market: it is hermetically sealed and we offer various material and connection solutions for the contact system.

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Series production in Austria

The Miba POWERcloser® is produced at the Vorchdorf site in Austria. Automated production in a clean room meets the highest quality standards. Years of experience in the automotive sector, standardized processes and corresponding quality certifications make Miba a reliable partner.

Our experts

Due to our innovative contact design, we are able to present a wide power spectrum in the same package, as well as an integrated discharge resistor. This allows us to implement individual customer requirements in a space-saving and cost-effective manner. Our Miba POWERcloser® is equally suitable for battery-electric and fuel cell-powered vehicles.

- Erwin Lichtenberg, Product Manager -

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Frequently asked questions about the Pyroswitch

The PowerCloser is a pyro switch that is used in EVs, for example, to ensure electrical safety in the event of a crash, and it is used in various industrial scenarios as a bypass switch.

The POWERcloser has CE certification and is excluded from dangerous goods class 1. Despite the use of pyrotechnic components, this certificate ensures that it does not require special handling. The product can even be shipped safely.

In a typical fuel cell application, the POWERcloser is approved for 20,000 operating hours. A long service life is essential, especially for safety-relevant components. The Miba PowerCloser has been successfully tested for 30,000 operating hours.

The Miba POWERcloser can be configured to meet customer specifications. The cable length and the trigger contacts can be custom configured.

The Miba POWERcloser is CE certified, which is why no special handling is necessary.

Ultimately, handling should be carried out by trained and authorized personnel.

For handling incoming goods, testing, and on the production line, we recommend anti-static flooring, conductive clothing and shoes, and safety glasses.

That said, no pyrotechnic training is required to install or handle the PowerCloser. Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for our customers.

Your application does not match our product, so we would be pleased to make adjustments. Talk to us, our development team is looking forward to discussing your product requirements.

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