Miba Mechanical Engineering for Future Driven Industries

Miba Automation Systems (MAS) manufactures both standardized and special machines for various processing applications, assembly lines and measurement systems. We work together with our customers, so they achieve high-precision and high-speed production of mechanical components of various sizes. The result is custom-built solutions for high-speed production and cost-effective processes. We start with your challenge and develop the right system for you: from conception through to turnkey solution.

Mechanical Engineering Product Areas

Weld preparation machines

Miba delivers the latest technology for weld preparation with fully automatic programs. The longitudinal and circumferential seam milling machine minimizes the weld gap, increases the quality of the weld seam, and as a result, reduces the error rate.

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Electric mobility production facilities

Our customers rely on our expertise in stator production using hairpin technology. From the analysis of the electromagnetic environment to the machining of the pins, we fulfill the specifications in providing perfectly matched solutions.

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Machines for series production

With mechanical engineering for stationary machines such as transfer lines, rotary transfer systems and fine boring machines, it is not just high machining accuracy and short cycle times that we achieve. We also create flexible solutions for our customers, for example, in the energy and automotive sectors as well as in the machining of large components. 

Mobile Machining Systems

Mobile systems enable our customers to quickly machine components on-site. Hydropower plants, wind power plants, and gas turbines need routine maintenance to precise specifications. Our mobile machining systems help customers worldwide to operate flexibly and save costs.



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Miba machines are used in the following industries

Technology Advantage through Research & Development

Our development team accompanies our customers from the initial design phase, prototype construction and validation to developing materials and processes.

Our R&D expertise combined with many years of application know-how makes us a powerful partner in mechanical engineering. Supported by a comprehensive network of development partners, we are continuously driving our knowledge further. 

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Why Miba is the Right Partner in Mechanical Engineering

We are solution-driven, working to fulfill the precise specifications of each of our customers.


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