Customized design
All our bearings can be customized to match your needs and requirements. The thrust bearing often requires a unique design tailored to fit our customer’s machines and its loads.

Self-equalizing system
For handling misalignments between the thrust collar and the bearing, a self-equalizing system is available. As a result, overloads are reduced and a significantly improved thrust force distribution is achieved.

Pivot design
Miba offers line contact or spherical contact (e.g. ball & socket). A spherical contact allows pad tilting also in radial direction, to cope with misalignment and thereby avoid edge contact.

Oil inlet nozzles control the flow. Direct lubrication reduces power loss and the improved oil flow leads to lower pad temperatures. Direct lubrication can be combined with a pad oil distribution feature at the pad inlet. Open end plate design (non-sealing) can be provided for cavity evacuation.

Hydrostatic jacking
For start-up loads above 1,5 – 2 MPa or continuous slow-roll / turning gear operation, to ensure product safety.

Miba Industrial Bearings offers a wide range of instrumentation, including various sensor dimensions (cable length, sensor diameter), different types of thermocouples and more.