Miba aims to become
CO2-neutral by 2040

Already striving to halve CO2 emissions by 2030


With “Technologies for a cleaner planet”, since 2013 Miba has had a corporate mission centered around sustainability, a cleaner planet, and thus a world which is even more worth living in. We do not just want to contribute to this with our products; also in our production and our offices, we have continuously been working for many years on consuming fewer resources and producing a lower CO2 footprint.

Now Miba is taking the next step towards sustainability and CO2 neutrality. Our company has defined its goal of achieving climate-neutral operations by 2040. As the first milestone along this path, by 2030 we already want to halve the CO2 emissions from our own production – in other words from our machinery and equipment – and from the energy we use (in comparison to 2019). Furthermore we are working on a plan for reducing the CO2 footprint of our supplier network, too.


Implementation by our own efforts via specific measures at all sites
Miba’s clear focus is to achieve its goals by its own efforts. For this, all our sites worldwide work out specific measures for reducing their CO2 footprint. In addition, we invest globally in the expansion of production capacities for sustainable energy. With all of this, we want to make our contribution to achieving the climate goals of the United Nations and the European Union.


Miba products reduce CO2 emissions from customer end applications
Miba’s products also make an important contribution to climate protection. Miba technologies in our customers’ end applications contribute to greater efficiency and sustainability in the generation, transmission, storage and use of energy. They help our customers reduce the CO2 emissions of their products, or to some extent even to make them CO2-neutral. In this way we are helping them achieve their own climate goals.