Hydrodynamic bearing technology

Miba is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hydrodynamic bearings for engines, turbines and compressors. A hydrodynamic bearing also offers advantages in the gearboxes of wind turbines and aircraft turbines.


Unique expertise combined in Miba bearing technology

Miba hydrodynamic bearings allow a wide range of applications: At moderate speeds, dynamic loads of up to 140 MPa are possible; at low loads, speeds of up to 160 m/s.


Thanks to our extensive expertise in applied engineering and materials, we can offer custom-built and cost-effective solutions where other bearing technologies reach their limits. Our bearings use a hydrodynamic film to contact the shafts. Depending on the application, the use of a hydrdynamic bearing can bring advantages over roller bearings.

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Versatile range of applications for hydrodynamic bearings

We have acquired in-depth knowledge over decades on the tribology of hydrodynamic bearings and bearing-mounted drive components. The breadth of our application experience (both in terms of high loads as well as high speeds) is reflected by the range of industries in which we are active with our technology.


From development and choosing materials, to testing and simulation tools as well as excellent application technology, we support our customers in finding the best solution for their application.

Engine bearings


Industrial Bearings


Further plain bearing applications


The advantages of hydrodynamic bearing technology

Miba hydrodynamic bearings increase efficiency, reduce emissions, and as a result, make a sustainable contribution to protecting the environment. Depending on the application, the following advantages are possible:


  • Higher rotation speeds
  • Increased load capacity
  • Higher power densities
  • More resilient to shock loads
  • Easy installation and service
  • Reduced noise
  • Resistant to corrosive utilities (wide range of materials)
  • Energy-efficient and, as a result, cost-efficient solution

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The use bearings opens up new opportunities for our customers in many industries

Industries where switching from roller bearing to hydrodynamic bearing can bring advantages.


Apart from engine and industrial hydrodynamic bearing applications, in which Miba is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide, hydrodynamic bearing technology has already become successfully established in new markets such as wind power and aviation.



Why you should implement Miba hydrodynamic bearing technology

  • Broad competence and application experience profile (high loads and high speeds)
  • Interdisciplinary technical and application knowledge 
  • Active since 1927, we are pioneers in hydrodynamic bearing technology and expericened partner to our customers
  • Purpose-specific bearing solutions custom-built for each application
  • Comprehensive in-house material and surface expertise
  • Fast turnaround times for prototypes and small series production; strong expertise in industrialization
  • Global and experienced R&D team provides support throughout the entire product life cycle
  • With 10 locations, we are active worldwide and local to our customers

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