Miba Technologies for e-Mobility

Today, Miba already offers a host of solutions for e-mobility. For hybrid drives just as much as for purely electric driving. As an innovative partner with decades of automotive experience, and in close collaboration with our customers, we take part in proactively shaping future mobility and the market.

Miba offers a broad product portfolio

Battery Systems, High-voltage Fuse for Batteries, Thick-film Resistors, Axialflux Motors and Actuators, Hairpin Stator Production and Production Lines, Battery Components – FLEXcooler®, Coatings for Powertrains / Fuel Cells, Friction Components, Sintered Components

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100 Million Euros to be invested in e-Mobility until 2025

In order to promote our e-mobility effort, we have committed to a sizable investment program.

As a family-owned company with a longterm orientation, Miba has always pursued a clear strategy: to grow its existing business and to explore new opportunities on the side. One of those is e-mobility. Until 2025, we intend to invest more than 100 million euros in establishing and expanding our e-mobility activities: in personnel resources, research and development, in additional production lines for pure electric and also hybrid drives, and in the expansion of our existing production sites. This is how we aim to proactively participate in shaping this market – by being a key development and manufacturing partner to our clients.