Entrepreneurship can be learned

Marek Barina is one of twelve Miba executives from Slovakia, the US, China and Austria who took part in the last intake of the Miba Leadership Academy.

“Team spirit makes the impossible possible at Miba”

Marek began his career in 2006 as Finance Manager in the newly founded Miba Steeltec in Vráble, Slovakia. Challenging times, a major acquisition and exciting customer projects have accompanied Marek through the years. Miba Steeltec supplies high-quality steel discs to the construction machinery, automotive and aerospace industries. The company made up of 15 employees in 2006 has become a successful company with 460 employees. In 2012, Marek is promoted to Deputy Managing Director and is responsible for Supply Chain Management, Material Requirements Planning and Planning from this point forward. Marek became Site Manager at Miba Steeltec in 2016. When it comes to his work, Marek values the stable team and the positive atmosphere most of all. “We are all working toward a common goal and learning from each other,” he says enthusiastically in reference to his colleagues. For Marek, leadership means creating the right conditions for his employees and giving them the opportunity to develop themselves further. In this regard, Miba is the right company.  

Leading People, Leading Business and Leading Oneself

The key topics of the Miba Leadership Academy are Leading People, Leading Business and Leading Oneself. Marek expects to receive feedback on his style of leadership and valuable tips on how he can improve his qualities as a manager. He looks forward to engaging in this discussion with colleagues. “Participants from different countries and divisions are there, you get to know the different cultures, the group becomes unified and that also creates a network outside of the program.”