As a family-owned company, Miba has been a responsible corporate citizen for 90 years now – as an employer, business partner and industry leader in Austria.

Compliance with the applicable laws and other external and internal regulations is an integral part and the foundation of our business activities and decisions.

Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.


Through our Code of Conduct, we additionally commit to our values and principles as well as clear standards for responsible and proper conduct, thereby empowering our employees to exercise independence and entrepreneurial freedom in their decisions and actions.


The standards outlined here are not new to our Company: These are practices we have followed all along. Our Code of Conduct is a summary of the key guidelines and is intended to provide direction to our employees and business partners.


We treat people, nature and society at large with respect.


Miba's business success and sustainable growth are founded on corporate responsibility along with visionary thought and action. Our employees are critical in all that we have achieved and are the driving force behind our success in the future. That is why we respect the dignity of every individual, consider equality a matter of course and reject discrimination of any kind. We support both the professional and personal growth of our employees as well as their health. Visionary thinking also helps us actively protect the environment – in production and with our products. Equally important to us is our responsibility to society.

Fair Business Relationships

We advocate fair and free competition.


It is Miba's goal to always be one step ahead of the competition. We rise to this challenge at all of our sites around the globe every day and work in tandem with our customers and business partners to further advance our products and technologies. Our cooperation with these partners is based on a deep foundation of mutual trust. We are on equal footing not only with our customers and partners but also with our competitors. In all activities that bring us closer to our vision of "No Power Train Without Miba Technology," we are committed to complying with the law.

Conflicts of Interest

We make factually correct and objectively justifiable decisions.


Whenever possible, Miba offers employees the greatest possible freedom so as to promote personal commitment and entrepreneurial thought and action. However, there are lines where personal interests could intersect and influence business interests.


We do not tolerate bribery of any kind.


Our business relationships are characterized by fairness, transparency and mutual respect. Unethical business practices, such as giving or accepting any gift entailing obligations or expectations, are antithetical to the Company's values and will not be tolerated. As a result, Miba prohibits all types of bribery, granting or accepting undue advantages, unlawful interventions and other forms of corruption in the public and private sectors.

Protecting Information

We treat information and data with care.


We aspire to develop unique, high-tech solutions for our customers. This enables us to build not only our competitive advantage, but also that of our customers, and to secure our success for a long time to come. It is therefore important for us to be extremely careful and cautious in handling any information pertaining to our Company, our products and technologies, and to our customers and partners. The more effectively each individual employee protects Miba's intellectual and material property, the better their – and our Company's – prospects are for the future.

Imports and Exports

We are committed to doing cross-border business properly.


Miba operates more than 20 production facilities and sales offices in Europe, America and Asia and works with other companies worldwide. Conducting cross-border transactions in accordance with the applicable laws is a matter of course for Miba.


We value the transparent and secure exchange of information.


Longstanding trust and mutual respect are based on factors such as the regular exchange of information and short communication channels. This is true both within and outside Miba. We value transparent, clear and focused communication with our customers, the public and our neighbors and suppliers, thereby ensuring that information exchange is structured and fast. On the one hand, we must guarantee that only publicly available information is shared with the correct target groups in each case. On the other hand, suitable means of communication and communication channels must be used for this purpose.

Angelika Einzmann