Miba AG: Mitterbauer Beteiligungs-Aktiengesellschaft Increases Offer Price

Miba AG was informed by its majority shareholder Mitterbauer Beteiligungs-Aktiengesellschaft (MBAG) that within the context of its voluntary public takeover offer to acquire all preferred shares of Miba AG in free float, MBAG had increased the offer price from the previous level of EUR 550 per share to EUR 565. Shareholders who already submitted their shares to be purchased will receive a supplementary payment of EUR 15 per share to equal the increased offer price.

MBAG and Miba AG are currently preparing the delisting (“squeeze out“) of Miba AG. In this process which is simultaneously taking place, the offered buy-out price was set at EUR 540 per share. The adoption of the

resolution on the approval of the squeeze out by an Extraordinary General Meeting is scheduled for October 12, 2015. MBAG owns 100% of all ordinary shares of Miba AG with voting rights.

MBAG justifies the increase of its offer price to EUR 565 per preferred share as a means of sparing as many free float shareholders as possible as well as MBAG itself from the necessity of a lengthy and costly review

process on the squeeze out price. It still considers the previous voluntary offer price of EUR 550 per share to comprise an attractive bid in light of the fact that it is higher than both the present valuation of the company at EUR 526 per share and the squeeze out price of EUR 540 per share. The increase in the voluntary takeover bid is possible because MBAG would prefer that the possible costs of a lengthy review

process focusing on the appropriateness of the squeeze out price be used instead for the direct benefit of free float shareholders.

MBAG held 93.26% of the capital stock of Miba AG (after deducting treasury shares) as at the end of August 2015. The new voluntary offer price within the context of MBAG’s takeover bid is 22.55% higher than the last stock exchange price of the Miba share before the public announcement of the offer and 1.84% above the average share price over the past six months.