Safety and efficiency for fuel cell applications

The Miba POWERcloser® is your reliable partner for innovative solutions in the world of fuel cell technology. Discover the future of energy supply with our revolutionary POWERcloser®, specifically engineered to ensure the safety of your fuel cell applications.

Safety for your fuel cell application

Fuel cells represent the mobile future in the heavy goods vehicle industry. They convert oxygen and hydrogen into electrical energy, which typically can be used to power trucks over long distances. In the event of a crash, however, the fuel cell must be brought into a state that is electrically safe. Because fuel cells are very sluggish, they continue to produce energy - even after the oxygen and hydrogen have been switched off - until all the gas inside the fuel cell has been used up. In the event of a crash, this has to be prevented.

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What is the Miba Power Closer and why is it crucial for fuel cell applications?

The Miba POWERcloser® is designed to quickly and permanently bring the fuel cell into an electrically safe state. Its fast closing time of less than 1 millisecond provides long-term safety. In the process, the fuel cell is short-circuited and all energy generated is immediately destroyed. The irreversible triggering process is carried out by a short current pulse. A quick and durable connection is the most important thing so that rescue workers are given maximum protection from electrical energy.

Integrating the POWERcloser® into the fuel cell

The Miba POWERcloser® is integrated into the fuel cell with a precision fit to ensure a perfect seal. Its innovative contact design provides a reliable electrical connection at the same time as a hermetic seal. This is critical to prevent the ingress of moisture and other harmful substances that could affect the performance and service life of your fuel cell.

In 2023, the Miba POWERcloser® was one of only six projects nominated for the Austrian Prize for Innovation. “The Miba POWERcloser® is just one of many examples of what we can achieve using our innovative spirit. Miba was Upper Austria's innovation leader in 2022 and our company registered the most new patents in the region. In the nationwide Austrian ranking, we were in the top 3,” says Jens Kuschel, General Manager Miba Power Electronics Group, in underlining Miba's driving role.

By the way: More than 300 employees work in research and development at Miba, and the company invested EUR 44 million in developing new innovations last year.

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Hermetic seal

Our POWERclosers® are completely tight so that no gas can escape. This guarantees safe operation of your fuel cells.

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Cable, no expensive plug & space-saving

Thanks to our innovative technology, you no longer need expensive connectors. This not only saves costs, but also creates more space in your applications.

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Innovative contact design

A key highlight of our POWERclosers® is their unique design of contact. They ensure optimum conductivity and maximum efficiency.

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Comply with the legal standards — install your POWERcloser®!

Installing a POWERcloser® is not only recommended, but also required by law. It is the only way to ensure that your fuel cells meet the highest safety standards.


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