Miba products for medical devices

Miba Power Electronics Group continues to supply power resistors for medical industry to help combat Covid-19.

During this difficult time of uncertainty and challenge, Miba’s Power Electronics Group is doing its part to help combat Covid-19.

EBG’s global customers such as GE Healthcare, Siemens Medical, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Caliper Life Sciences, Philips Healthcare, Fluke Biomedical, Phoenix Nuclear Labs and other National Laboratories produce a large amount of products currently used and needed with increased hospital and temporary hospital support needs. 

Other customers are industrial suppliers that produce items such as decontamination sprayers, air filtration equipment, and other normally non-medical equipment which will now be used to support the medical field. EBG products are also used for medical grade power supplies and system controls, as well as for X-ray, diagnostic equipment and other essential medical devices. 

As our products are a critical component in the manufacturing of our customer’s end devices which are being used during these difficult and demanding times and to help them keep up with the increased demand thereof, EBG continues its production at the fullest capacity possible.