Powder metal technology for your industry

Whether robotics, motorcycles, hydraulics or industrial and building automation, our high-precision and high-strength powder metal parts are used in a wide variety of industries and applications. In these industries, powder metal technology ensures cost savings in production, reduced weight, and an improved environmental balance. With Miba as a technology leader in this field, you benefit from individual solutions tailored to your needs.


Advantages of powder metal technology

Complex geometries can be produced faster with powder metal technology than with machined steel, for example. Thanks to surface densification processes, we can almost achieve the strength of solid steel on the surface of our components. This makes powder metal parts almost as resistant as forged and machined components.

Powder metal technology is also characterized by high process stability. Material utilization is nearly 100%. The powder used is made from recycled steel scrap, which significantly reduces the CO2 footprint. The necessary energy demand is also lower than with other technologies.

For an overview of the many advantages of powder metal technology, see our article Advantages of Powder Metallurgy and Sintering.

Advantages of powder metallurgy and sintering

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Our customers benefit from the advantages of powder metal technology in the following industries:

Powder metal technology for motorcycles

When it comes to developments for motorcycles and recreational vehicles, we draw on our decades of experience in the automotive industry. Miba's engineers design powder metal parts that integrate perfectly into the overall system. Miba offers customers solutions that meet the highest specifications for powder metal parts cost effectively for both conventional and electric powertrain.



Powder metal technology for robotics and industrial automation

Demands and developments in robotics and industrial automation are becoming ever higher and faster, not least due to digitalization. When new technical solutions and cost-effective manufacturing are required, Miba is the right partner.


Hundreds of millions of Miba powder metal parts are in use around the world every day. Various patented Miba surface densification processes such as Denscal®, Denscontour® and Densgrad® deliver performance precisely where the component needs it. Thanks to the porosity of powder metal parts, we also save on material and weight, which in turn saves valuable resources.


Whether the application is industrial gearbox, drives, brakes, conveyor technology or intelligent material handling equipment, Miba powder metal parts keep operations running and offer the best package of performance, resource utilization and costs.

Powder metal technology for compressors

Miba Sinter Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of powder metal parts for cooling and air conditioning compressors. Due to our unique processes, we make it possible to eliminate some process steps, enabling our customers to make substantial savings.


Based on the experience of well over hundreds of millions components for compressors produced with Miba technology worldwide, we are constantly developing our expertise in this area. As a result, our applications are now also being used by our customers in various other compressor types

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Powder metal technology for e-bikes

The electrification of single- and multi-track bicycles plays an essential role in achieving climate-neutral individual transportation. Therefore it’s obvious that only the technology with the lowest material and energy requirements should come into play here.


Miba develops and produces mechanical components for transmission systems for e-drives. Thanks to the unique advantages of the material, the manufacturing process as well as  Miba's expertise, these sintered parts meet on the one hand the highest load requirements whilst on the other hand enable smooth and silent operation.



Powder metal technology for SMC

The Miba Group is working intensely on the development of axial flux machines, electric motors with special performance characteristics, especially at low speeds.

Soft Magnetic Composite (SMC) materials are one of the materials used. Miba Sinter Group combines comprehensive materials expertise with unique application experience in the design and development of e-machines, offering customers decisive added value.


Today, we produce SMC components for a wide range of applications worldwide, both for traction and auxiliary drives.

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Hannes Maurer – Regional Head Industrial Components EMEA
Hannes Maurer
Regional Head Industrial Components EMEA

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Powder metal technology for hydraulic components

The complex and harsh conditions in industrial hydraulic pumps place the highest demands on powder metal technology. Thanks to Miba Sinter Group's broad and multi-faceted application know-how, it is possible to manufacture these components with sintered metal powder using optimized materials and adapted processes. Our customers confirm increased performance and efficiency for certain off-highway hydraulic drive units.


Powder metal technology for other industrial applications

Sintered components offer key advantages to enhance performance while providing overall cost benefits in a wide range of industries. Applications range from building automation to power tools, power sports, garden equipment and household appliances.

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