Technologies for a cleaner planet


Our corporate mission of “Technologies for a cleaner planet” serves as a driving force in our daily work. It instills us with energy and provides us with guidance.


Through our innovations and technologies, we strive to contribute toward a cleaner planet. We develop and produce function-critical components for the sustainable generation, transmission, storage and use of energy. And we contribute to making our planet cleaner by using resources with the utmost care and circumspection in our processes and our day-to-day work activities. 

With our products, we strive to make a substantial contribution to a sustainable and clean generation of energy.
Energy Generation
Employing and consuming energy efficiently and thus sustainably is crucial to reaching ambitious climate targets.
Energy Use
When transmitting electrical energy, it is important to keep energy losses along the transport-route to an absolute minimum.
Energy Transmission
Miba develops new solutions for the temperature management of batteries such as the Miba FLEXcooler® for electric vehicles.
Energy Storage