Turbine housing machining with transportable CNC boring bar

Our customers in the energy sector operate power plants subject to routine maintenance and updating. For combined-cycle gas turbine housings, for instance, the inner contours are turned horizontally or vertically for processing in order to carry out measures to increase performance or to rework damage resulting from cavitation.

The mobile CNC boring bar is transported to the job site in a 20- or 40-foot container and introduced into the power plant. In order to carry out turbine overhauls in the shortest time possible, two independently operating machining units work in parallel in one turbine housing. Depending on the equipment size, turbine housings with a diameter of 500–6,000 millimeters can be machined.

Due to the high quality standards of the power plant operators, the mobile CNC machinery can achieve roundness and flatness of 0.02 millimeters – that of a new turbine housing.