Management Board of Miba AG adopts new share buyback program

At the 25th Annual General Meeting of Miba Aktiengesellschaft on July 1, 2011, shareholders passed a resolution to authorize the Management Board of Miba AG, under section 65 (1) 8 and section 65 (1a) and (1b) of the Austrian Stock Corporation Act (AktG), to acquire Company shares (preferred Category B shares) for an undesignated purpose, totaling no more than 10 percent of the Company’s share capital, for a period of 30 months starting on July 2, 2011. The resolution allows for shares to be repurchased at a share price of between EUR 100.00 and EUR 300.00, and sets forth the buyback conditions, provided that the Management Board publishes the resolution and the associated buyback program, including its duration, as required by law. The trading of Company shares is excluded as a purpose of the acquisition.

The Management Board of Miba Aktiengesellschaft resolved on October 14, 2011, to avail itself of the authority to repurchase Company shares.

From 10/20/2011 to 1/2/2014
Class of share:
Preferred share, Category B
Planned volume:
Up to a maximum of 30,000 shares (2.3% of share capital) of preferred Category B shares
Acquisition price:
Between EUR 100.00 and EUR 300.00
Manner of acquisition:
Stock exchange
Purpose of acquisition:
Shares will be repurchased without a designated purpose, however any purpose permitted by law is approved, excluding the trading of Company shares
Date of authorizing resolution:
Date and manner of publication of authorizing resolution:
Publication took place on 10/11/2011 in accordance with Austrian Stock Exchange Act (BörseG) section 82 (8)

Miba Aktiengesellschaft plans to fulfill its publication duties in accordance with the Stock Exchange Act and Austrian Publication Regulation of 2002 by publishing data through an informational system with Europe-wide dissemination, as defined under Stock Exchange Act section 82 (8) and through a publicly accessible page on the Internet (