Miba AG: Delisting completed upon registration of the squeeze-out

The principal shareholder of Miba AG, Mitterbauer Beteiligungs-Aktiengesellschaft (MBAG), and Miba AG have been informed by the Regional Court of Wels that following expiry of the extended period for acceptance of the voluntary takeover offer made by MBAG on 26 November 2015, the decision was taken today to register the exclusion of shareholders ("Squeeze-out") on which a resolution was adopted at the general meeting of 12 October 2015. Registration of the Squeeze-out is expected to take effect on 3 December 2015. The final day for trading on the Vienna Stock Exchange is expected to be 2 December 2015.

86,688 out of a total of 121,233 shares held in free float have been tendered under the voluntary takeover offer made by MBAG, under the terms of which EUR 565 was offered for each preference share. As a result of this higher than average acceptance rate, only approximately 2.7% of the shares held in free float are affected by the squeeze-out procedure.

The remaining minority shareholders forced to sell their shares under the Squeeze-out will receive a cash settlement of EUR 540.00 plus interest for each Issue B Preference Share on the value date of 3 December 2015. Furthermore, these shareholders will have a loan stock right (ISIN: AT0000A1HE84) booked to their securities accounts. In the event no shareholder files an application requesting that a review be conducted, these former shareholders will receive a supplementary payment of EUR 25.00 for each loan stock right, thus bringing the total for each share to EUR 565.