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Miba aims to grow to 1.5 billion euros in sales by 2027 with products along the entire energy value chain

Growth strategy "Miba 100"

  • "Miba 100" is the growth strategy up to Miba's 100th company anniversary in 2027 

  • The sales target of 1.5 billion euros is to be achieved primarily through acquisitions. 

  • Miba plans to invest more than 500 million euros by 2027


Miba has a new corporate strategy. Under the title "Miba 100", the Upper Austrian technology group describes how it intends to grow sustainably until the company's 100th anniversary in 2027. Miba has successfully completed its previous corporate strategy "Miba 2020 - Dynamic Evolution": sales have grown from around 600 to almost 900 million euros since 2013. In Austria, Miba now employs 2,600 people, 20% more than in 2013. Worldwide, the company has grown from 4,300 to 7,500 employees and from 21 to 31 production sites.


Corporate mission "Technologies for a cleaner planet": 
A strong foundation for "Miba 100"

The basis and strong foundation of the new corporate strategy is the Miba corporate mission "Technologies for a cleaner planet". "With our technologies, we want to make a contribution to a cleaner planet and thus to an even more livable world," says Miba CEO F. Peter Mitterbauer. He introduced this corporate mission back in 2013, when he took over as CEO of Miba. And Mitterbauer is certain: "Our mission not only gives us direction, motivation and drive. It also offers great opportunities for growth - until 2027 and beyond."


No power without Miba technology: 
Growth along the entire energy value chain.

The "Miba 100" strategy describes how Miba intends to take advantage of these growth opportunities. "We are focusing on the entire energy value chain," describes Mitterbauer. "Miba technologies are intended to help make the extraction, transmission, storage and use of energy even more efficient and thus more sustainable and environmentally friendly." Some examples: Miba engine bearings, friction materials, power resistors and cooling technologies are already in use in a large number of wind turbines worldwide - and the market is growing strongly and sustainably. Miba power electronics help to transmit energy in power grids with as little loss as possible, even over long distances - a feature that is becoming increasingly important as electricity demand grows. Battery systems and battery components from Miba and its affiliate Voltlabor help to store energy efficiently - and are thus an important basis for electrification. And with its products for vehicle drives, Miba is making an important contribution to efficient energy use - whereby the company has built up a broad product portfolio for eMobility to complement its components for clean, pollution-free combustion engines. The claim to be represented with products along the entire energy value chain is also described by Miba's new corporate mission: "No power without Miba technology." 


Growth should also take place significantly through acquisitions 
Miba's goal is to achieve annual sales of 1.5 billion euros by 2027 based on the "Miba 100" strategy. Miba plans to invest more than 500 million euros by then. On the one hand, growth is to come organically from Miba's existing business segments, primarily with new products in new markets. On the other hand, Miba also intends to grow significantly through acquisitions. "We are looking for companies in future-oriented, technologically sophisticated niches along the energy value chain that are well established in the market and want to grow further together with us," says Miba CEO F. Peter Mitterbauer. "We are targeting markets in which application expertise and close customer cooperation in the development of new solutions are relevant - Miba stands for both in a very special way." And Mitterbauer illustrates an image that guides Miba's growth: "We want to grow like a healthy, strong tree. With firm roots and strong branches that together form the tree. And with the strength to bring up new branches and twigs that make our Miba tree even bigger and stronger."  


Innovation leadership as the foundation for future success - 
Close cooperation with customers in the development of new solutions

"A key prerequisite for our future success is the spirit of innovation, which is something that particularly characterizes Miba," says F. Peter Mitterbauer. In 2020, for example, Miba was the company in Upper Austria that registered the most new patents. And a study by the German "Quant IP" Institute recently showed that Miba is best equipped for eMobility in terms of innovative strength among more than 150 companies in the automotive industry that were examined. For F. Peter Mitterbauer, it is clear what advantage this brings for Miba customers: "It is in our DNA to be a solution provider for our customers. We want to continue to develop and produce solutions for their challenging tasks proactively and in close cooperation with them." And the Miba CEO is certain: "Our innovative strength as well as the know-how and commitment of our employees will mean that Miba will continue to grow sustainably and healthily. All the way to 2027 and beyond, in the second century of our company's history."