Miba power electronics specialist "EBG Resistors" invests 2 million euros in production facilities for electromobility


  • Production capacity for more than one million high-tech resistors for electric vehicles is built up annually at the Kirchbach and St. Stefan im Rosental sites

  • Successful start as a partner and supplier for the most important high-voltage platforms (400 & 800 volts) of e-vehicle manufacturers in Europe  

  • Established "Industry 4.0" series production with state-of-the-art solutions for automation and digitalization to meet the strict automotive industry's requirements

  • Broad product portfolio: Innovation leader also in fuse systems and precharging resistors for e-vehicles

Electromobility is clearly picking up speed. This creates new growth opportunities for companies that were previously primarily active in industrial electronics, such as the Styrian power electronics specialist "EBG Resistors". The company is part of the Austrian Miba Group and specializes in the development and production of high-tech power resistors. So far, these have been used, for example, in systems for energy production, for power grids, for rail vehicles or in medical technology - but they are also needed in e-vehicles to meet the strict electrotechnical safety requirements. With an investment of two million euros at its sites in Kirchbach and in St. Stefan im Rosental, EBG is taking advantage of this market opportunity and building new production facilities for such resistors in electric vehicles. The investment is to be completed by the end of 2021, with production starting at the beginning of 2022.

Strong growth for components in electric drive axleThe investment was triggered by a large order for one of the major e-car platforms in Europe. EBG was selected to be represented there with its discharge resistors. These resistors ensure that the electrical voltage in the system is immediately and safely discharged when the electric vehicle is parked or defective. By investing in the new equipment, EBG is expanding its production capacity to meet the growth and economic requirements in e-mobility. As part of the Miba Group, which has been successful in the automotive supply market for many decades, EBG is able to exchange information extensively with its parent company and utilize its know-how and industry expertise.

In the medium term, EBG intends to significantly expand its business in electromobility. The EBG resistor solutions for electric vehicles were developed as a product family on a common platform basis. This also allows individual customer solutions to be offered and supplied worldwide with short response times.

Production from Kirchbach and St. Stefan will be primarily for the European market. More than one million discharge resistors can be manufactured per year with the new production facilities. In addition, the EBG production site near Shenzhen is already successfully supplying customers in China.


Digitalized series production meeting strict automotive industry standardsTo gain a strong foothold as a supplier to the automotive industry, companies must meet strict standards. These are proven with an IATF certification, which is currently being carried out for EBG. The new production facilities in Kirchbach and St. Stefan will also meet the latest requirements and use a lot of digital high-tech for this purpose. For example, every discharge resistor produced will be "traceable", i.e. digitally traceable from the material through production to installation in the vehicle and use. This brings enormous advantages, because it means that product quality can be optimally monitored, evaluated and thus continuously improved, even in the long term. Big data applications are also being used.


Broad power electronics product portfolio for electromobilityIn addition to power resistors, EBG and its mother company Miba offer a broad product portfolio for solutions in electric vehicles. For example, EBG is also an innovation leader in resistors for current limiting, which ensure an optimal and safe current flow in the system when the electric vehicle is switched on. In addition, the Miba eMobility team has developed a fuse system for electric vehicles in cooperation with EBG. In the event of an accident or malfunction, a pyrotechnic disconnection device cuts the connection between the battery and the vehicle's electronics within a fraction of a second. In addition, this power fuse uses a chemical reaction to dissipate the electrical energy present in the system immediately after it is triggered. All this protects not only the vehicle's technology, but above all its occupants and helpers after an accident.


Investment is the first step towards the successful establishment of a new business field Since 2010, EBG has been part of the Miba Group, which is represented in all important customer markets worldwide with 30 production sites in Europe, Asia, North and South America. "With its broad product portfolio, its innovation leadership and the know-how of its employees, EBG can offer its customers worldwide innovative power electronics solutions for electric drives" says Miba CEO F. Peter Mitterbauer. "The investment in the new production facilities in Kirchbach and St. Stefan is therefore an essential next step for EBG in building a successful, additional business for eMobility."