Miba sputter technology is awarded Supplier Gold certification by Pratt and Whitney


Miba Gleitlager's sputter technology has once again been awarded: this time with the Supplier Gold Certificate by Pratt and Whitney.


The sputter process developed by Miba Gleitlager leads to 50% less fuel consumption, 75% less noise and 16% less CO2 emissions in aircraft turbines. The distinguished jury, chaired by Martin Geaudreau, Senior Director of Pratt & Whitney, recognised Miba Gleitlager's outstanding 10 years of research and development work with the award.


More environmentally friendly and quieter aircraft thanks to Miba sputter technology
The gears in aircraft turbine gearboxes are coated using Miba sputter technology. This patented technology enables a new type of turbine design. This makes the turbine more efficient, environmentally friendly and quieter. So far, a total of 15,000 coated gears have been installed in more than 3,000 turbines. This means, that currently more than 1,500 aircraft (A220, A320NEO & Embraer) are already significantly quieter, more environmentally friendly and require less fuel thanks to Miba Sputter technology.


Award from Pratt & Whitney
At the beginning of the year, after only 15 months of submission work, Miba Gleitlager was awarded with the Supplier Gold certification from Pratt and Whitney in digital form. Four criteria were decisive: quality, resource management, lean implementation and process management. "At Miba, I have seen a company that shows a very open-minded attitude. People are always looking for improvements," says Hakima Benouada, Supplier Development Leader at P&W. 

Already in November last year, the technology was awarded the Upper Austrian State Prize for Radical Innovation for particularly outstanding achievements.