Vorne: Karin Reiter, Head of Human Capital Development Miba AG, und Doris Pannager, Human Capital Operations Manager in der Miba Sinter Austria, nahmen die Auszeichnung für die Miba entgegen. Hinten (v.l.): Markus Gruber, Geschäftsführer GPK Event- und Kommunikationsmanagement GmbH, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Elšik, Institutsvorstand des Department of Human Resource Management, Dr. Johannes Kopf, LL.M.Vorstandsmitglied AMS Österreich. Bildquelle: GPK/APA-Fotoservice/Hörmandinger

Miba wins gold again

Recognition for professional recruiting

Recognition for professional recruiting

The results and winners of the sixth BEST RECRUITER study in Austria were presented yesterday in the Novomatic Forum in Vienna. For the second year in a row, Miba won in the automotive and motor vehicle production category. This study took a close look at the recruiting qualities of Austria’s top 500 companies. It assessed a number of areas including the careers pages of company websites, social media activities, mobile recruiting, online job ads, online job market, and how the companies treat applicants and respond to candidates’ detailed questions.

The BEST RECRUITERS study recognizes above-average recruiting quality among the top 500 employees in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Outstanding recruiting quality stands for a high degree of professionalism in all of an employer’s recruiting measures. Those employers ranked highest in their industry are awarded the gold quality seal. Miba is the industry winner in the automotive and motor vehicle production category, and its results have also made it one of the top 30 recruiters in all of Austria.

Bernhard Reisner, Vice President Human Capital at Miba, is proud to be the industry winner, especially in light of the demanding requirements: “The study took a close look at the websites, social media activities and online ads, and at how the companies interact with applicants and respond to questions. I would like to extend my thanks and congratulations to the entire Miba team. For us, it is a welcome confirmation of how hard we work with applicants. And we know what steps to take in order to further improve our level of professionalism in this area.”

On his recipe for success in recruiting personnel, Reisner said: “We make an effort to meet our applicants on a level playing field. In the end, we are also applying to them. Furthermore, we strive to increase awareness of our company as an employer on a regional, national and international level.”

Not only best recruiter, but also top employer

When applicants become employees, Miba offers not only a modern and family-friendly work environment but also the vision for a career. “We believe in the strengths of our employees. We accomplish the outstanding. Growth means career, it means development – all rooted in a fulfilling life,” Reisner says.

Just one of the many examples of this is the program for mature students completing an apprenticeship in which external and in-house apprentice trainers help Miba employees become metalworkers.

When it comes to family friendliness, Miba scores big with its in-house day care center for children between the ages of one and three and its child care options for care of preschool and school-aged children during the holidays.