Rotary transfer system for series production

Our special machinery is made for specific applications that series machinery does not cover. Miba’s latest development is a rotary transfer system for complex machining of high-volume series parts.

Its robust construction and stable components – including polymer concrete machine bed and steel composite parts – increase the precision of this machinery. The machinery’s substantial weight serves to counteract vibrations, the geared surface of the rotary table and the overall solid construction place this rotary transfer system at a positioning precision of two micrometers in the total structure.

In its standard configuration, this rotary transfer system is equipped with a rotary table with six stations and has 32 NC axles in this design, so that milling, drilling and turning can be carried out at each of the different stations depending on the user’s requirements. All of the system’s stations can be individually refitted and have standardized interfaces.


A repair service agreement can also be entered into upon purchasing the system, so that in the event of failure, operators can request a technician and spare parts for diagnosis and repair around the world and free of charge. This service is offered in response to the need of operators of our machinery located around the world for a high degree of service and spare part availability, regardless of their location.