Miba POWERcloser®: bypass switch for industrial safety

The Miba POWERcloser® has a wide range of applications. One of the main areas is e-mobility and fuel cell technology. The bypass switch also helps protect machines used in industry. Discover the future of bypass switches for enhancing safety.

Bypass switch for more safety

Here are just some of the Miba POWERcloser® applications:


The Miba POWERcloser® can be used to short circuit, bypass and discharge systems. 

Discover the wide range of applications for the circuit-breaker.

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What exactly is a bypass switch and why is it crucial for industrial applications?

The Miba bypass switch is used for fast and sustained response in industrial applications. The POWERcloser® closes in less than 1 ms and provides permanent safety.

Application in HVDC systems

HVDC systems are used to transport electric power, where the voltage needs to be increased beforehand. This is done by individual modules, with a bypass switch located between each module. If a module fails, the switch closes the module, resulting in the faulty module being discharged and bypassed.

Capacitor energy storage


Energy storage systems based on supercapacitors are used in E-Statcom systems for the energy network of the future. These energy storage devices require switching elements that can safely discharge and bypass individual modules if a capacitor develops a fault. The POWERcloser® is ideal for this.

PV power generation systems


In MW PV systems for generating renewable electricity, central inverters are often used to feed solar energy into the grid.

To protect the PV system in the event of a central inverter fault, if a power stage fails for example, the POWERcloser® can be used in a crowbar circuit. In this scenario, the bypass switch immediately prevents backflow from the grid into the PV system.

The table below gives you an overview of the pros and cons of the Miba POWERcloser® compared to thyristors.

Customer-specific configuration

The Miba POWERcloser® can be adapted to meet customer specifications. The cable length and the trigger contacts can be custom configured.

Cost-effective solution

Miba's bypass switch is less expensive that other solutions.

CE certified

The Miba POWERcloser® is CE certified and is not classed as dangerous goods. Despite possessing pyrotechnic components, the certification does not specify special handling.

Frequently asked questions about the bypass switch

  • Is the triggering process reversible?

No, our pyrotechnic bypass switch uses an irreversible switching process that is permanent after it has been activated and does not consume a switching current.


  • How long is the maintenance interval for our bypass switch in HVDC systems?

The maintenance interval is generally 12 months, but can vary depending on the specific application.


  • Which safety precautions need to be observed when using our bypass switch?

Our bypass switches are manufactured to strict safety standards and need to be used in accordance with the instructions in the user manual to ensure maximum safety.

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