Miba AG continues to grow, lifting revenue above the 750 million-mark

EUR 500 million of capital expenditure planned in the current strategy period

The Upper Austrian technology group with 22 production sites across Europe, Asia and America achieved record revenue of EUR 752 million in the past fiscal year (February 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017). It also invested over EUR 100 million in property, plant and equipment and in research and development. The number of employees rose to more than 5,800. In addition, Miba has its first successful projects addressing new business opportunities in electrification and digitalization.

Laakirchen, May 4, 2017.

The Upper Austrian Miba Group generated annual revenue of EUR 752 million in fiscal year 2016–2017, thereby meeting its Miba 2015 strategy target. “We never deviated from our growth course even during the crisis years of 2008 and 2009. Despite this difficult time, we were only slightly late in meeting our revenue target of EUR 750 million,” explains F. Peter Mitterbauer, Chairman of the Management Board of Miba AG: “Under the Miba 2020 – Dynamic Evolution strategy, we have set ourselves new and again very ambitious goals. We are aiming for consolidated revenue of EUR 1 billion by 2020.”


In the past fiscal year, the Miba Group grew primarily in the automotive segment – even outpacing the global increases in passenger vehicle production by a clear margin. This was due to the fact that manufacturers are replacing components used up until now with Miba’s powder metallurgy technologies. The global truck market presented a mixed picture, with regional performance varying considerably in 2016. In the EU, the market for heavy trucks remained on a positive trend; in China, there were strong increases. In North America, on the other hand, sales figures declined. The global markets for agricultural commercial vehicles, construction machinery and mining equipment seem to have recovered slightly in 2016 following the years of downturn and at least held steady. In power electronics, there was some noticeable restraint in the industrial sector, but Miba was able to leverage the opportunities arising from the growth in electromobility, wind power and high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission. “Our broad portfolio of products and services proved its worth again in the past fiscal year. This enabled us to leverage the opportunities available to us and continue growing in spite of a challenging market environment,” said Miba CEO F. Peter Mitterbauer.


Program of investment in Miba’s future

In fiscal year 2016–2017, the Miba Group once again invested over EUR 100 million, EUR 67.3 million of it in property, plant and equipment and EUR 35.2 million in research and development. The already traditionally high ratio of research expenditure to revenue rose to 4.7 percent. “We are sticking to this path and within the current strategy period intend to invest EUR 500 million in Miba’s future,” states F. Peter Mitterbauer, pledging his clear commitment to the Group’s growth trajectory: “Miba AG’s sound capital resources in the form of an equity ratio of 58.2 percent are key to its ability to continue growing freely and independently.”

Being an enterprise means bearing responsibility for employees

“The expertise, commitment and wealth of ideas brought by our employees provide the basis for our achievements,” says F. Peter Mitterbauer: “Being an enterprise means bearing responsibility for the people who make up the business.” Miba therefore offers its employees a modern and family-friendly working environment, an in-house day care center and child care options for preschool and school-aged children during the vacations. The “Mimi” health program raises awareness with the aim of promoting health in the workplace and offers advice and training. Miba also offers its employees an extensive training and continuing education program. Not only is the Company training 239 apprentices; it also attaches importance to upskilling employees. This year will see the first members of staff complete the metal worker apprenticeship tailored to mature students. And a few weeks ago, the first trainees completed the Global Graduate Program. There are also training and continuing education options for new management talent.


Technologies for a Cleaner Planet is the corporate mission

Ninety years after it was established in 1927, Miba has become a world leader in the development and production of highly efficient components to increase energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, precision and performance. “We have a clear corporate vision,” explains F. Peter Mitterbauer, Chairman of the Management Board of Miba AG: “Every day, we work to make our world a little bit cleaner with Miba technologies. No matter what type of drive technology, we are making our contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions, increased efficiency of existing drive concepts and innovations related to new, alternative mobility concepts and energy sources.” Miba therefore works rigorously to further improve conventional power train technologies. Going forward, these still offer a great deal of development potential in terms of efficiency, cleanliness and noise reduction. In addition, Miba has for some years been devoting attention to new types of drives such as hybrid technology and purely electric drives. “We have established a central E-Mobility Innovation Lab and we are also developing solutions for hybrid and purely electric drive technologies in the individual divisions,” explains F. Peter Mitterbauer. Its first successful projects in cooperation with customers show that the Group is heading in the right direction.

Miba leverages opportunities arising from digitalization

Miba also sees considerable growth opportunities in digitalization. “We don’t just regard digitalization as a way of improving production processes,” says Miba CEO F. Peter Mitterbauer. Rather, Miba is also working on adding digital value to its products and customer relationships, for example by developing intelligent components or digital tools that connect development and production expertise worldwide and thus deliver real benefits for customers.


In search of smart minds

Miba regularly recruits apprentices, skilled personnel and engineers to its existing divisions. It is also seeking specialists in digitalization and electrification. Data analysts, software developers, mechatronics engineers, electronics engineers and mathematicians will in future find a number of exciting job opportunities at Miba. “What we offer our employees are an exciting environment and a worthwhile role in developing technologies that make our world a little bit cleaner,” explains F. Peter Mitterbauer. Added to this are the security and solid foundations of a corporate group which, unlike many start-ups, is not geared to making a fast exit and a quick buck, but to achieving sustainable growth.


Miba wins Best Recruiter gold quality seal for the second time

Miba was last year awarded the Best Recruiter gold quality seal for its professionalism in dealing with applicants for the second time in a row. The Company won the automotive and motor vehicle production category. The Best Recruiter study placed 500 of Austria’s top companies under the microscope.


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The Miba Group

Miba AG is one of Austria’s leading industrial and technology companies. Formed in Laakirchen in Upper Austria in 1927, the high-tech group today develops and manufactures its products at 22 sites in 11 countries. Miba products can be found in the passenger vehicles, trucks, construction machinery, trains, ships, aircraft and power plants made or built by the respective leading global manufacturers. The Company specializes in engine bearings, friction materials, sintered components and coatings. In addition, Miba manufactures passive electronic components such as resistors and cooling systems which are needed, among other things, in power transmission systems. Moreover, the Company develops and manufactures special machinery for high-precision machining of large components. Miba employs almost 5,800 members of staff. Revenue in fiscal year 2016–2017 amounted to EUR 752.1 million.