Powder Metal Gears

Powder metal gears impress with their high strength and ability to form complex geometries. They are the cost-optimized alternative to mechanically manufactured parts and are used in reduction gears, decoupling gears, mass balancer gears, camshafts, crankshafts, planetary gears and ring gears. They are function-critical components in many industries, such as: cars, trucks, motorcycles, off-highway vehicles, robotics and industrial applications. The gear teeth can be in straight, helical or bevel configuration - depending on customer requirements and application.

Millions of powder metal gears in motion

Miba’s approach to the development of powder metal gears is based on our understanding of the overall system of the end application. It is our clear goal to provide our customers with the best possible support in every development phase with the latest technology. If required, we can also manufacture prototypes for our customers at short notice. As a leading provider in the field of powder metal technology, we have decades of experience in the design, validation and stable mass production of powder metal gears for a wide range of industries on three continents.


The advantages of powder metal gears

Learn more about the advantages of powder metal gears.

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Highest competitiveness through patented densification

When it comes to powder metal planetary gear sets and components for e-drives, high performance powder metal gears combine the highest strength and precision with the advantage of improved damping behavior. This unique combination of properties is achieved by using custom alloys, which are then processed using various densification methods. Miba uses its established expertise as well as patented processes such as Densgrad® and Denscal® in surface densification processes designed for outer and inner splines.


Powder metal gears provide the right balance between porosity and high strength material.

Thanks to surface densification processes, we can virtually achieve the strength of solid steel on the surface of our components. This makes our powder metal gears as resistant as forged or machined gears. At the same time, the weight is lower than that of a steel gear. The porosity of the parts is also an advantage for NVH, as it absorbs vibrations.



The Miba PAD Decoupled Gear consists of an outer gear ring and an inner hub ring, which are decoupled by elastomer elements. In this way, the NVH of the entire gear system can be optimized by designing the required damping characteristics.


Tune your gear system now with a custom Miba Decoupled Gear!



  • Decoupling transfer path in radial, axial and torsional directions

  • Stiffness in each direction can be tailored to customer requirements

  • Broad range of feasible stiffness and dynamic load designs

  • System with innovative “Fail Safe” design in case of overload

  • Gear ring and/or hub ring out of PM steel if applicable

Why Miba is your partner for powder metal gears.

  • We apply our engineering competence, high development capability and our structured process design to be able to respond to individual customer needs.


  • Our powder metal gears go through strict approval processes and are checked regularly at different intervals. This process guarantees a zero-error tolerance in the development as well as in serial production


  • The tools and prototypes are manufactured in-house at Miba. This allows us to react quickly to change requests and optimizations. 

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Let‘s talk about sintering technology and how you can use sintered parts profitably.
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Our Experts

„With Miba’s special gear applications such as decoupled gears and split gears, we can help our customers to solve different noise issues and to improve NVH performance. In addition to that, our customers increase their cost efficiency.”


- Zhenbin Liu, Gears Expert Miba Precision Components China -

Let‘s talk about the advantages of powder metal gears.

Liu Zhenbin

Learn more about the advantages of sintered gears.


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