Combination Bearings (Thrust and Journal)

The combination bearings (thrust and journal bearing in one housing) are designed for the most demanding turbomachinery applications, in terms of speed, load and rotor dynamics. The combined bearing saves space and due to the tilting capability of the individual pads in both radial and axial direction, it is suitable for sliding speeds up to 100 m/s (engli units) and above. With appropriate oil supply, bearing loads of > 3 MPa (engli units) are achievable for continuous operation.



  • Gas/Steam turbines
  • High-speed gearboxes
  • Integrally geared compressors
  • Single shaft compressors
  • Expanders
  • Pumps


  • Up to ID 900 mm (35”)
  • Contact us for larger sizes


  • Steel/Babbitt
  • CuCr/Babbitt (for the reduction of maximum bearing temperatures under extreme conditions)
  • Steel/Bronze (allows increased pad temperatures)
  • CuCr/AlSn40 Thrust parts
  • Alternate materials available


Combination bearings (Thrust and Journal)

Combination Bearing (Thrust and Journal)

Advantages of Miba Industrial Bearings

  • 100+ Years of fluid film-bearing experience
  • High-level responsiveness
  • Experts in engineering and improvement of the hydrodynamic bearing system
  • Calculation and design package from one source
  • Trusted Miba Quality (tight tolerances and high production quality)
  • Reliable service of babbitted bearings & troubleshooting


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