Powder metal transmission parts

Highly complex powder metal parts are integrated in manual, dual-clutch and automatic transmissions as well as in all-wheel and hybrid drives. These high strength components with steel-like properties are an established cost-effective alternative to conventional forged parts. Miba manufactures powder metal transmission parts with high precision and quality.


Synchronizer hubs and synchronizer rings

for transmission synchronizers

Transmission part called a shifting sleeve or coupling ring
Sliding sleeves and coupling rings

for decoupling mechanisms in all-wheel drives and e-axles

Pressure plate for actuation of clutches
Pressure plates and ball ramp rings

for clutch actuation

The advantages of powder metal transmission parts

Learn more about the advantages of powder metal transmission parts.

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How we achieve the high strength of our transmission parts.

Miba is technology leader in the powder metallurgy market, and constantly develops new processes with excellent performance potential.

  • Our Densgrad® surface densification process is specifically designed to increase strength and wear resistance
  • Denscal® allows to produce transmission parts with a total density of >7.4 g/cm³.

Why Miba is your partner for powder metal transmission parts

  • We offer our customers the best solutions, thanks to our understanding of the overall system
  • We are continually developing innovative solutions— through our research work and our close cooperation with external research partners
  • For very high strength requirements and wear applications, we use our Densgrad® surface densification process and Denscal® forming technology.




Learn more about powder metal transmission parts.

Helmut Aichinger

Let’s talk about powder metal transmission parts.

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"Our powder metal transmission components there are characterized by high strength and wear resistance combined with high cost efficiency. Vehicle transmission manufacturers value our components as a cost-effective alternative to conventional steel parts because of their high quality and reliability



- Harald Leitner, Manager Line of Business Transmission & Pump -

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