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Miba Power Electronics Group develops customer-specific solutions for power electronics. Our components are used worldwide in motor vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft, power plants, refineries, compressors and industrial pumps. With our network spanning three continents, we respond quickly and flexibly to your needs.


Power electronics as a key component

Power electronics components make an important contribution to the efficient generation, transmission and use of electrical energy. Technological expertise, customer-specific solutions and top quality are therefore key factors in the development and production of power electronic components and assemblies. With the right partner for power electronics, you are safe and efficient right from the start.


Miba Power Electronics - power electronics along the entire energy value chain

Miba Power Electronics combines expertise from different areas of power electronics: from power generation and conversion to innovative safety components for eMobility applications.


EBG Resistors

Safe and efficient conversion and transmission of energy with high-power resistors from EBG.

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DAU Heat Sinks

Customized development and production of water coolers, air coolers and heat pipes with DAU's Solution Team.

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Miba Power Safety Devices for EV solutions

Innovative products with safe power supply for eMobility applications.

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Industries we serve

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Power Electronics - EBG Resistors

EBG develops and produces resistors for high-performance electronics. The Miba Group company is a global technology leader in the field of metal oxide thick-film technology. With the aim of saving installation space and improving performance of the components at the same time, EBG's development team is constantly working on new innovations in its own test laboratories.

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Sabine Kamper-Rottensteiner

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Power Electronics - DAU Heat Sinks

DAU has been producing and developing complex cooling solutions for a wide range of industries for over 50 years. Our focus is on driving new technologies forward. For our customers, we take a solution-oriented approach that addresses individual customer requirements. Together with the DAU Solution Team, which guides through the entire product development process, we develop optimal customer solutions.

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Miba Power Safety Devices

Power electronics for eMobility applications. For greater safety in the event of a collision.

Miba PREcharge Resistors

Miba high-performance resistors for the for the eMobility industry are used as precharging resistors in battery distributors for precharging the DC link.

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Miba DIScharge Resistors

Special thick-film resistors for fast and safe discharge of the DC link on DC-AC inverters in the powertrain are among our core competencies.

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Miba POWERcloser® Emergency stop switch for HV applications

Miba high-performance resistors for the for the eMobility industry are used as precharging resistors in battery distributors for precharging the DC link.

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Overview of our power electronics products

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Simon Huspek - Key Account Manager eMobility
Simon Huspek

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What makes our customers successful

Miba Power Electronics Group is your development partner and supplier of efficient power electronics. We help you identify potential savings and achieve higher performance.


Frequently asked questions about power electronics

Power electronics transform various types of electrical energy. The voltage level, frequency and the number of windings per string are adjusted. The areas of application for power electronics include aerospace, manufacturing and process automation, the generation and transmission of conventional and renewable energies, and electromobility.


Depending on the product group and type, EBG resistors are certified according to specific, recognized standards:

  • AEC-Q200 compliant 
  • MIL-Standard
  • UL

For information on the respective product certification, please refer to the data sheet, which is available as a PDF download on the respective product page.

In order to estimate the lifetime of electronic systems, a variety of thermal and mechanical measurement and calculation methods are used. With proportional operation, the service life of EBG resistors is more than 30 years.


The increasing individualization of products and the ever-growing share of power electronics require maximum flexibility in the production of different assemblies. EBG resistors are therefore manufactured according to individual customer requirements.


DAU manufactures heat sinks from the materials aluminum, stainless steel, copper and CuNiFe. Depending on the material, different cooling media are required for a water heat sink.


Depending on the respective requirements, the optimal cooling solution is selected. The possibilities are besides air cooling:


  • Vacuum-brazed heat sinks with integrated heat pipe function (VBA-HP).
  • Integrated heatpipes in the air cooler
  • Water cooler

The performance depends on the following factors:

  • Available volume flow of the medium used and its mixing ratio.
  • Pressure drop in the channel run / in the channel structure (flow field) under the electronic component to be cooled.
  • Selected manufacturing technology of the KK (for example, a vacuum-brazed heat sink is ideally tailored to the power electronics component to be cooled.

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